Character creation

Race is generally limited to Human. Dwarves, dark elves, aberrants and halflings are available but will require backstory and the purchase of the unusual background advantage.

Women can technically hold any craft or position in Diosian society. However they are usually stereotyped as the weaker sex and discouraged from becoming soldiers, priests or mages. i.e anything important. Women are usually discriminated against in such positions. However there is a subtly but strong culture of gentlemanliness which can work to a womans advantage in other situations.

Character points
Characters receive 100 character points to begin play with.

Using Skills
Skills are rolled using 3d6.
Each skill is based on a particular attribute.
Add skill level to that attribute and try to roll under this value.
Skill levels:

  • 1 character point = +0
  • 2 character points = +1
  • 4 character points = +2
  • +1 skill level for every four points spent after that

Skill modifers

  • Easy Skill: +1
  • Hard Skill: -1
  • Very hard Skill: -2

List of skills common to Dios

Advantages are options that provide a fixed bonus to sets of actions or completely new abilities.
List of available Advantages

Disadvantages are options that provide a fixed penalty to sets of actions. They may also force your character to act in certain ways. You gain points for taking disadvantages but these WILL come back to haunt you. The most points you can gain from disadvantages is 50. It is recommended that you take less than this.
List of available Disadvantages

All characters start fluent in Diosian
Human languages: These are all related to each other. Anybody fluent in one can automatically speak the others in a broken manner.
Diosian: This is the lingua franca amongst human societies
Maine: Spoken in Maine
Cedicean: Spoken in Cedicea
Notish: Spoken in Notales
Elven: Spoken by Drow (but do not generally teach it)
Elven sign language: Gestured by Drow but never taught to non drow
Dworse: Spoken by Dwarves and, according to the Dwarves, by the spirits of those they have killed.
Dark speech: Spoken by Demons and the Undead.

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Character creation

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