Dios, Maine and Notales are all Tech level 4. Metalurgy is good and many trade and scientific endeavours proceed apace. Medicine has been discovered, physicians are trained and used. Alchemy exists, gunpowder has been invented. Muskets were invented ten odd years ago and are now in common use. Canon are still in the experimental stage.


Water is common from seeps and streams but since it is used for everything sources are highly competed for.
Wood is extremely scarce
Metal is common
Rock is extremely common
Living space is scarce since any rock mined out needs to be put somewhere
Cloth paper and textiles are expensive but common


  • Crowns (gold) 200 lords
  • Kings (silver) 10 lords
  • Lords (copper) 1 lord

For large sums of money continual light enchanted coins are used

  • Glimmer 400 kings
  • Glow 800 kings
  • Sun 1200 kings

Lifestyle expenses(per month)

  • poor peasant: 120 lords
  • peasant/apprentice: 350 lords
  • Craftsman: (journeyman): 70 kings
  • Craftsman (master): 140 kings
  • Successful merchant or minor nobility: 350 kings
  • Merchant prince/major nobility: 1750 kings
  • Royalty: 9000 kings

Common Taxes

  • Fief tax: held against peasants belonging to a lord. City tax: held against anyone entering a city. Also includes taxation upon goods for sale. Road tax: levied in places where bridges and extensive roadworks are made. Can also be in some manorships on everyone passing through.
  • Craftsman tax: Usually settled as part of guild dues. Covers everything from making stuff to wizardry and performance. Public displays cost extra and the city council must be informed (and paid).
  • Mercenaries tax: Levied against anyone entering a city carrying arms or armour.


Almost all crafts and professions are guilded. Members must pay dues in order to belong and practice their craft. Guilds have their right to govern trade legally granted by the king (in return for substantial taxes of course) and thus have legal rights to enforce their monopoly.

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