Mages are relatively common in city life but unusual in smaller locales. Magic requires intense study and is physically draining. It is fairly regular and non chaotic though this may change depnding on location. Large amounts of magic spells/items in a small location tend to interfere with each other. Mages are far more common than magic items.

Common magics seen in Dios

Rich nobles often purchase magic weapons as status symbols
Watermen are often hired to locate, redirect and purify water sources.
Harvestmen often live in villages, tending to crops and diagnosing diseases. These folk are highly respected by peasants.
Guardswarders are seen guarding nobles. They are responsible to the king
Priests of the church often create light spells that last for a few days to poor folk, They also heal the sick and injured if they are able.
Healers are well respected members of any community
Continual light stones and lanterns are expensive but popular
Rich communities have sunlit areas for crop growing.


Dios and all known lands surrounding it are moderate mana levels. Only people trained to it can sense mana and use it. This means that Magery 0 is required for magic use.


Magic in Dios is heavily regulated in the same way all trades are regulated. Each type of magic has its own guild, that guild trains and licences all members. No guild accepts mages who were a member of a different magic guild. Members practicing are expected to pay regular dues and often expected to adhere to a code of conduct (depending on the guild). While is is not unheard of for a guilds basic magics to be learned by a mage belonging to a different guild, the guilds secrets are heavily protected and anyone showing off unguilded magic can expect some extreme repercussions. This includes death and life imprisonment. The kingdom does not usually interfere with guild business. In effect each guild has a legal licence to regulate and control certain types of magic.

  • Lightbringers
  • Portalmasters
  • Illusionists
  • Fire
  • Earthshapers Guild
  • Guild of Water
  • Guild of Air
  • Healers guild
  • Harvestmens Guild
  • Guardswarders
  • Diviners Guild

The Church

The Church of Light is heavily linked to the Healers guild as it sponsors many apprentices. It also spends a great deal on healing the sick and sending its divine priests to remote communities to provide medical aid. The church is involved in heavy political warfare with the Lightbringers since the lightbringers claim the church is encroaching on their guild enfiefment. The church claims its light is brought on from divine power and not subject to guild rules. Currently the church is winning due to its political power but it is forbidden to enchant light magic unless it is for church use. Church priests are trained in light and healing magics.

Dark Magic

Certain types of magic are banned and not taught openly. Punishments vary depending on who is caught.
Necromancy: Necromancy is illegal in Dios and undead are destroyed on sight. Punishments are usually severe but often stop short of death. The church in particular is vehemently opposed to necromancy. It is rumoured that a whole city or nation of necromancers exist in the bowels of the earth but this is generally considered nothing more than gossip.
Demonology: More illegal than necromancy and the sight of a demon can be expected to bring armies to the scene. Demonologists are tried, convicted and usually hung. The lure of easy power still seems to entrap the occasional young mage however. Legend has it that demons come from Shebog, a city of fire deep in the bowels of the earth. The live for the time when all of humanity will burn in their fires. It is a phrase often used as a curse or to scare children.
Beguilement: Also known as enchanting, bewitching or mind control. Enchanters are lucky if they get a trial. Anybody and everybody caught using such magic is put to death. It should be noted that this kind of magic is quite often practiced by the Drow.

Magic Items

Enchantment in Dios is slow and sure. Magic items take a long time to create, often up to a year or more for powerful items. They are commensurately expensive and thus rare. For things used only rarely it is usually cheaper to hire a mage to do what you want than it is to buy an item to that produces the same effect.

List of more common magic items

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